Version 0.41 Quick Start

Sign on using a valid screen name.
Click the "Mind Control" tab. Enter two screen names and click pipe. There is a bug in this version which prevents the text-entry window from being displayed. When the pipe window opens resize the two interal panes by grabbing the slider above the three buttons. Type text into the lower window and click the intented target. "Broadcast" = Both.

IM skasalami or Int3lx with questions/comments/ideas/nudity.
Flames should be directed at Thiago4321.

Remote control i salways enabled and the syntax is below

Make sure you have the JRE installed. If you don't know what that means click here (jre 1.4.1) and install it.

This is for version 0.3

sign the suckerpipe on valid user. it says connected, but you may
not be connected. the application just lies. sign on your
other valid name and send suckerpipe messages using the following syntax
/send sn message <- duh, sends message
/pipe name1 name2 <- this connects name1 to name2 bidirectionally
/forward name1 name2 <- messages from name1 sent to name2
/forward name2 name3 <- name2 name3
/forward name3 name1 <- name3 name1 finishging loop

Special thanks to Mr. T and his cause.