Question: i must be dislexic cuz i cant figure it out

Int3lx: well you'd want a sn which wouldn't let people know it was you
Int3lx: and also
Int3lx: you go to the "mind control" tab
Int3lx: and you type in two SN's
Int3lx: then click pipe
Int3lx: then it opens a window
Int3lx: and you change its shape until it looks like a normal AIM window
Int3lx: then you type things in and it sends them to whomever you click it to
Int3lx: then the two suckers get piped together and you can watch the anarchy

Question: i think i need an enigma.. in the screen shot how do you get tennis4676?
Int3lx: the suckerpipe is signed on as tennis4676 and i'm on as myself
Int3lx: i pipe skasalami and int3lx together through tennis4676

Question: ohhh so tennis4676 is controlling the pipe
Int3lx: yes! and thus we each think that the other person is tennis4686

Question: How come I am sending blank IMs to everyone?
Int3lx: you need to make sure you've resized the pane properly!
Int3lx: it should look like it does here
Int3lx: click the mouse right above the SN buttons and drag up to resize the lower pane

Special thanks to Mr. T and his cause.